gta liberty city ps2 helicopter cheat code

Solution: Update your video drivers.
Alternatively: Watch the first intro movie to the end.
Alternatively: Unplug and disable (through the Gaming Options in Control Panel) any game pad devices that you aren't using for Vice City.Rainy Weather, l1, L2, R1, R2, R2, R1, L2, Circle.Alternatively: Insert the Install disc and copy the gta-vc.Once out, click on Vice City on your task bar.Exe' (Display tab) or 'Display Properties' in the Control Panel.

Alternatively Set the Compatibility Mode of the GTA Vice City Executable File to 'Windows 98'.
Alternatively: For onboard soundcards: Change the speaker configuration in Sound Manager from "Living Room" to "None" (or equivalent or for Realtek cards, go Control Panel - Sound Effect Manager - 3D Audio Demo, and change the Sound from "Loopy Music" to "Buzzing Bee".
Alternatively: Go into ATi's Catalyst Control Center, and enable something in the DirectX 3D settings called "Enable geometry instancing".
It's not a random occurrence either; it will happen that way.
For users with more powerful cards, make sure that anti-aliasing and anisotrpic filtering for either ATi's Catalyst/nVidia's ForceWare are set to "Application Preference" and that Mip-mapping and Texturing are set to "High Performance" - you should also do that to every other setting.This page contains cheats and secrets in Grand Theft Auto.Alternatively: Demarest's Bugs and Fixes Page - contains a download minecraft solar system mod 1.2.5 installer for both a fix if you have the bug, and a preventer if you don't have it yet.Solution: Update your sound drivers!Katana or Chainsaw Replacement: If you kill a policeman with a melee weapon like the katana or the chainsaw, the policeman's pistol and nightstick will be available for the picking but if you don't want the nightstick, DO NOT run through it because the game.After a fresh install at the beginning of the game exit the game once you've confirmed the problem does not exist.See this thread for more information regarding onboard and Realtek sound cards.