gsm alarm system manual pdf

GSM communicator GSV6, GSV6T, GSV6U, gsvu and gsvp.
After disarming, even triggering detectors can NOT make the control host alert, except the detectors in emergency zone or emergency key in the remote control.
Unless specifies otherwise, most infra-red detector are indoor use and not reliable to use outdoor.ARM/disarm of the system with the factory remote control central lock.For more info see description of the module.0 is to turn on the siren prompt for arming and disarm when using the remote control (key fob).Overall dimensions of the module 84x58x26 mm Android or iPhone phone john deere 90 service manuals app that can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple itunes Model: GTalarm v1 UPC: Price of Sample 99 EUR Note: VAT is not included Please contact us for wholesale or distributor pricing, terms.Sends information via SMS.Each value is equal to 10 seconds.The surface for door sensor installation should be clean so door sensor can be attached to the door and frame firmly with double faced adhesive tap.Temperature range is -20 to 50 degrees Celsius or accordingly Fahrenheit, with 0,1 degrees division.After connection adapter scans car for its model.

The siren will set off and the alarm will send SMS message or call to stored phone numbers.
Testing and diagnostic of the module via USB by using program sera Remote set-up via SMS messages.
And more others features see detail manual.GSM thermometer Remote voice listening.All parameters of the module are being programmed via USB cable or SMS.Very compact More Model: gtgps UPC: Price of Sample 159 EUR Note VAT is not included) Please contact us for wholesale or distributor pricing, terms and conditions.If there is no person receiving call or the line is busy, the host will dial the next phone numbers until the alert call is picked up and confirmed by press # key.Passage through these thresholds will trigger alarm SMSs.SMS to user about all sensor alarms (door, shock, microwave, ignition etc.).When control host receives signal and say successfully added, it means the sensor has been added to host successfully.