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You are able to load Geocaching LOC or GPX files directly into GPS Tuner and start the treasure hunting immediately.
GPS Tuner is a high precision measurement, mapping and geocaching tool for Pocket.
GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP files can be used as maps.
Manage your waypoints easily.Install cab on PPC -Run program -In registration screen, take note: "Custom Key" -Exit program on PC -Run included ppcwcalc -Select Application: GPS Tuner, Enter noted "Custom Key" to DeviceID, generate 5 digit key.GPS Tuner provides flexible management of waypoints, geocaching files, tracks and routes.Edit included y, change first line (12345) with your generated 5 digit key.Save y, and then copy y to installation folder on your PPC on PPC -Now you can run the program, enjoy!All the GPS functionality you could look for, in one product.Defining custom picture, sound or video to your waypoint is just a click!Tuning Drop C / Down.Save, modify, import or export waypoints with GPS Tuner.Only Registered Users Can See Links.You will never be lost, with the help of the Digital Compass, you can easily get to a previously set geographical coordinate or to a selected waypoint.

In case you wish to pass along magic photo recovery 4 crack a way (or its waypoints) from the beginning till the end, Digital Compass will also be useful to you.
Requirements: Windows Mobile 5, 6 or Pocket PC 2003 OS, 16 MB free program memory, GPS Receiver (nmea compatible.NET CF2.
For your offroad trips, excellent tool for hiking, geocaching, boating, flying, driving and many other sporting activities where monitoring of the length, distance and speed would be important.With Digital Compass you can easily navigate to a waypoint or walk along a route.Click Here To Register, Only Registered Users Can See Links.You are able to record high precision waypoints (even sub-meter) thanks to the averaging technique.You can also share your waypoint file with your friends, because GPS Tuner supports the common GPS Data Exchange Format: GPX.GPS Tuner.0 - (Revision K).