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As mentioned above, managers and emulator super nintendo (snes) students were excluded from the model, so there were no coefficients associated with them (the median salary of respondents in upper management was 123K).
2 Here Eastern Europe includes the Balkans, Baltics, and some countries more accurately described as Central Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, and everything to the East and South (but not including Greece or Turkey).
The tools here are used for both data analysis and data engineering, but we think the appearance of Spark, Cassandra, HBase, and R indicate more emphasis on data analysis usage.
The 14 clusters were formed using the Affinity Propagation algorithm in scikit-learn, with a transformation of the correlation coefficients between pairs of tools serving as the similarity metric.
54 html (60.The algorithm produces the 14 clusters shown on the following pages; weve named the clusters (in parentheses) as a mnemonic device.Individual Background: Gender, Age, Education.We now move on to details about individual respondents.The highest salaries are in the US (especially CA, OR, WA Switzerland, Japan, Australia, and the.Computer Programmer Writes code that converts a software developer's design into a set of instructions a computer can follow.There is a clear distinction among languages on the top to-learn list defined by the proportion of the sample share that currently uses the language and the share that wants to learn them.Fully 21 of survey respondents are under 30 and earned a median salary of nearly 65,000 a year.Aside from its lower rates of Microsoft developed languages, California stood out for its high usage of Python (35.After India, Japan, and the Philippines, Asian countries with the most respondents were Singapore, UAE, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Work week correlated well with salary and produced a coefficient of 352 per hour.
Just over 34 of people earn between 80,000 and 100,000 per annum with less than 3 taking home either more than 200,000 or less than 20,000 per year.
Some language differences were present with company size and age.
The six remaining clusters are much smaller both in terms of the number of tools in the cluster and the number of respondents who used them.
Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 (visited December 15, 2016).According to the model, developers can expect an libros metal gear solid pdf additional 1,194 of pay per year, independent of title, role, and tasksfactors that the model shows affecting salary in different ways (see below).Respondents identified themselves mainly as software developers but other programmers and engineers were included.In our conclusions, we rely on the assumption that the people who took the survey are reasonably representative of the entire software development world, or at least some important subset.For example, respondents who previously used C/C tend to use Java lords of the realm 2 1.03 patch now, and those who use Java now tend to want to learn Scala.5 among respondents of smaller companies Java (45.