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1934 Saks last version safari browser Goudy, Saks Goudy Italic, Saks Goudy Bold, Hadriano Stone Cut, Village Italic, Hasbrouck.
But to add to the uncertainty, fonts contained a number of ligatures of the kind which were more common in the early 1900s, in addition to the usual f-ligatures.
Pericles Pro (2005, Ascender an Ascender typeface based on the work of Robert Foster who created the original for American Type Founders in 1934 a 433-glyph OpenType font for Greek simulation or stone cut looks.
Created after a 16th century early roman lowercase by Jacques de Sanlecque the elder.Mac McGrew: Goudy Bible is a modification of Goudy Newstyle (q.v.Roycroft Tinted is a very unusual face, in which the typeface is engraved with the equivalent of a halftone screen of about 25 percent tone value, with a black shadow on the right side; this typeface was cut by the Dickinson Type Foundry branch.Of all that was lost in the fire, Goudy once said he missed Friar the most.The P22 Lanston game boxing 320x240 jar collection (2005-2006) was designed wih the help of people such as Paul Hunt and Colin Kahn.1933, Amy Duncan's thesis at BSU entitled "Howdy Goudy: Frederic.Goudy and the Private Press in the Midwest A 2009 lecture on Goudy by Steve Matteson (TypeCon 2009, Atlanta Melbert.The typeface met with a warm reception upon release in 1919, the public favoring its advertising-friendly, tightly-spaced appearance.

The font is named after the French engraver Charles Nicolas Cochin (1715-1790) although its style had little to do with that of the copper artist's.
Howland, shown by Dickinson in 1892, is essentially the same as DeVinne Condensed.3, later shown by Keystone.
Alan Prescott, philadelphia-based designer and PostScript font hacker who runs Prescott Design.
Stephenson Blake purchased this from ATF and called it Kensington Old Style, 1919 Cloister (2005, P22/Lanston) is based on Jim Rimmer's digitization of Benton's Cloister.
In 1970, Jim made his first film type, Totemic.Tehdy jsem se ped aktivn sportujícími syny musel víc snait, kdyby nebyl zaátek tak voln a tolik jsem nefotografoval, mohl bt as lepí (hlavn, e je na co se vymluvit).Dwiggins and introduced by Linotype in January 1930, as the first American typefaces to join the trend to sans serif started by Futura and Kabel.Centaur is a modern version of Nicolas Jenson's Venetian typeface Centaur.Alternative figures are made as follows: Gothic.It was produced by ATF in 1895, with Italic, Extended, and Outline versions appearing about three years later.Both grand theft auto 1 money cheats ps2 versions have been shown in Monotype literature as Lining Gothic, Mid-Gothic, or Mid-Gothic.2 at various times.