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Im guessing here, but this may be neverwinter nights 2 expansion a function of the specific printer.
Kurt Langs comment in tutorial de visual basic para excel 2007 the, font Problems After.6.7 thread Apple Discussions forum, openType PostScript Fonts Troublesome.6.7.
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You can find out exactly which of your fonts are OpenType PostScript by launching FontBook and entering.The problem does not occur in Mac OS.6.6.Until then, the work-arounds are to avoid at least one of the cited requirements for the bug.Joshua Robinson (via the incomparable, typegirl the unofficial answer to fixing some of the font problems morris minor workshop manual in OS.6.7 is to clear your font cache using the free multi-function utility.As soon as you install.6.7, OpenType PostScript fonts are indeed broken the issue is confined to OT PS fonts.Tidbits (which has a good discussion of the origin of the bug).This is what happened with Mac OS.6.7.The symptom is this: the display and printing of text can be jumbled to the point of being completely unreadable.Apple will likely fix this glitch in a future update.Tidbits publisher, adam Engst reports that the impacts are wider than one may suspect.

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You will see it, however, in Adobe Reader.
Although I could not duplicate this, some readers report that a document can display correctly yet show an invalidfont error when printing.The problem primarily occurs with PDF filesespecially PDF files you create in Mac OS.6.7, such as via the Save as PDF command in almost any application.As occasionally happens, an OS X update designed to eradicate bugs allowed an entirely new bug to sneak.Surprisingly, the problem does not occur in Mac OS Xs own Preview application.So no matter who gets PDF files created under.6.7 using OT PS fonts, they will not display correctly on the Mac or in Windows.After extensive troubleshooting Lang concludes that the issues only arise after updating the OS X his installations of Adobe Reader or Preview were unchanged, and everything worked fine in Mac OS.6.6.In the interim, this bug has been covered on several other Websites, most notably.Apple has now issued a fix: Mac OS X v10.6.7 Supplemental Update for 13 MacBook Air (Late 2010).Update: In last weeks column, I noted another new bug in Mac OS.6.7: iTunes crashing on 13 MacBook Air laptops.