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Postal Service team, led by Armstrong.
It's not like it's a- I mean, a blood transfusion is a bit more dramatic.
Landis: Well, there's not a whole lot.Floyd Landis "But it was not from an exogenous outside source of testosterone.I'm a realist added Landis, who has been suspended by his team.Nightline: Did you see Lance Armstrong using other performance-enhancing drugs?"Well, it depends on what your definition of fraud is Landis said.The analysis of Landis' A sample from stage 17 of the Tour de France returned an abnormal ratio for the amounts of testosterone to epitestosterone."I don't know what the explanation for it is, whether it was a mistake or whether it's an occurrence from some other circumstances that go on in the race or something I did he said."You put a standard testosterone patch that is used for male hormone replacement therapy on your scrotum and leave it there for about six hours Moosburger told German press agency dpa."It's an oral dose, one a day."."I've had a thyroid condition for the last year or so and have been taking small amounts of thyroid hormone he said.

But when the substance occurs naturally, anti-doping authorities have to devise a test that detects abnormalities caused by the illegal use of the substance.
Yesterday, after the cycling rumour mill had gone into overdrive, the Phonak team announced that rider was race winner Floyd Landis.
In every single one of those Tours.".Armstrong is so famous he's practically branded the color yellow as his own: that yellow jersey and those ubiquitous yellow bracelets evoke his image as a golden boy, an American hero who beat cancer and the competition, who brought in millions and who manages."Lance has not been subpoenaed in this investigation that's going on, nor has he been contacted in any way." he said.Landis is hoping to clear his name.Landis: I had, yes.But not participate in a witch hunt.He also revealed that he has been suffering with a thyroid problem which has required hormone treatement."They will however cause honda cbr 150 efi parts manual a big stiff painful erection and it lasts for hours.Nightline: When you saw him using EPO?"Of course, as Lance has said, he would - he's going to cooperate with any legitimate, fair investigation.