final fantasy viii ps1 manual pdf)

Its not even certain that Red xiii is his real name.
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Entering names As you encounter each character, you will be able to customize their name using up to nine letters.Recommended For moderately skilled players.This will increase the number of commands that can be used during battle, such as " Steal " and "Throw".Game over If all your party members are critically injured or are turned to stone, the game is over.

Enemy Skill Displays the current enemys attacks and their effects.
Also, abnormal status will normally disappear after a battle ends.
The nine Elements are Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Poison, Gravity, Water, Wind, and Holy.Reading from the left: the character's image (face name, level, current HP/maximum HP, and current MP/maximum MP are displayed.Not effective against poisonous enemies.View all posts (2543).2) Cancels the selected command.