exe with internal dll reference

From the other hand,.NET assembly represented by EXE file with which can work as traditional detail dwg to pdf converter for mac application can also be used as a regular class library.
Now as we know how much space to allocate, let's get to work.
There are many EXE header editors available; some are commercial, others free.It is named "PE/DLL Rebuilder of Export Section" (PeRESec).Games are large projects, which usually use code of various libraries supplied by different companies.Type size of the new section.

How to deal with this?
Besides being an effective, resource Editor, PE Explorer also provides several tools that elevate it to Power Coder status:.
Edit Characteristics of the section to 0x40000040.
Finally, I promised to explain about modules.3)If an error occurs the client processes can continue to operate.Change and customize the GUI elements of your Windows programs.Writing responses on many emails with similar questions becomes boring quite fast, so I've decided to put, what I remember, here.With PE Explorer you can view and inspect unknown binaries, examine and edit the properties of EXE and DLL files, and correct and repair the internal structures of any PE (portable executable) files with the click of a button.1 person have marked this snippet as a favorite khouser, choose a language for easy browsing.