electromagnetic field simulation software

Easily-available" means "not cost prohibitive.
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Electron/ion guns and accelerators.
Algorithmic parallelism improvements in all 2D and 3D solvers.
Electromagnets and permanent magnets, magnetic field distributions and forces.Features include radiation boundaries and perfusion.Multicore mesh generator, solvers and post-processor for even faster results).Virtual prototyping can save both time and money.Advanced features include beam-generated fields and secondary emission.Is there easily-available* software to simulate coils, solenoids, and other magnetic and electromagnetic devices?End-to-end design of X-ray sources.

Loudspeakers, other, magNet offers both 2D and 3D electromagnetic field simulations, all within the same user friendly interface: Magnetostatic, frequency dependent (AC time varying, including the effects of moving components.
Integrated design tools for electron/ion injectors, accelerators and transport systems.
Transformers, actuators Solenoids, sensors NDT, induction Heating.
Predict the surface force density on a component.
X-ray imaging and source design, monte Carlo simulations of electron, photon and positron interactions in matter from.25 keV to 1 GeV.This java applet is crash team racing pc iso a magnetostatics demonstration which displays the magnetic field in a number of situations.Have a design problem in electron beams, magnets or X-ray devices?Professional packages with parallel-processing support and unlimited memory access run under 64-bit Windows XP (SP3 Vista, 7, 8 and.This helps you visualize the field.Recent Improvements, new coil definition tool which detects current path and direction.Field Precision creates advanced finite-element simulation software for a broad spectrum of applications: high voltage engineering, magnet design, charged-particle devices, microwave technology, X-ray imaging, and thermal analysis.Dynamic and steady-state solutions of the thermal transport and bioheat equations.MagNet 2D/3D is a powerful simulation software which engineers and scientists worldwide use for the design of motors, sensors, transformers, actuators, solenoids or any component with permanent magnets or coils.Unitized 2D and 3D packages are complete and self-contained.