easily install minecraft mods mac

Once you've found a mod you want to use, follow the download instructions for.
Linux - Press CtrlAltT to open the Terminal, then type xdg-open /.minecraft.
You can load an existing save file or start a new world.
Now that Forge is installed, you can begin downloading some mods.
What do I do?Try disabling all but one mod and then adding them back one by one to see what breaks.If the mod is made for Minecraft Forge, it will download as a single JAR file.You'll see some text flash on the screen, and then be returned to iFile.This folder was created when Forge was installed.2 Visit a god who hates pdf a Minecraft PE mod site in your Android's browser.There are hundreds of different mods available for Minecraft.Once you've configured your installed mods to your liking, you can start playing the game as you normally would.You can check what version of Minecraft you use by starting Minecraft and looking at the window's title bar.WikiHow Contributor If you have that type of Mac, use the helpful directions provided in the article for modding newer Macs.

6 Start a game with your loaded mod file.
To check for compatibility, you can look on the mod's forum page for known compatibility issues with other mods.
You'll need mods that are compatible with ModLoader for iOS.
Open Safari on your device and navigate to the following address to download the ModLoader file.
Not all iOS devices can be jailbroken, especially if they're completely up to date.Forge needs to be installed first before you start installing mods.3, run the downloaded JAR file.I don't have the bin folder or the mods folder.8 Troubleshoot a mod that's not working.There are hundreds of different mods available for Minecraft, all of which affect different aspects of the game.