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0:11:19 11/13/11 watch episode 29 Four Underrated Games Gamecube - Pikmin.
92 different games captured for this episode.
0:22:13 3/11/12 watch episode 45 More Underrated Games snes - Batman Returns NES - Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu, Bucky O' Hare TurboGrafx-16 - Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu Genesis - Sonic Crackers 32X - Knuckles' Chaotix Playstation - Jumping Flash!
Cotton for the Turbo Super CD appears quickly during Magical Chase.0:17:33 9/23/12 watch episode 61 The Nintendo 64 Nintendo 64 - Beetle Adventure Racing, F-Zero pdf 2000 pontiac grand am repair manual X, Blast Corps, MRC: Multi-Racing Championhip, Diddy Kong Racing, Wave Race 64, Star Soldier Vanishing Earth, Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Banjoe Kazooie, Super Mario World, The Ledgend of Zelda.We also tried throwing a pebble onto the box as if Dave had passed a stone but it didn't work out very well at all so it was omitted.0:28:46 5/29/16 watch episode 168 15 Delicious Games Based on Food Products NES - Yo!It arrived just in time to include the two Ys games on that system.

0:36:13 4/2/17 watch episode 190 Franchise Killers GameBoy Advance - F-Zero GP Legend, F-Zero Climax Nintendo DS - Lunar: Dragon Song Xbox - Final Fight Streetwise Wii - Metroid: Other M Xbox 360 - Golden Axe: Beast Rider PlayStation 3 - Burnout: Crash *Lunar Dragon.
PSP - Tetris *Least popular episode to date.
0:22:38 8/4/13 watch episode 83 The Sega Master System Sega Master System - Space Harrier, Choplifter, Deep Duck Trouble starring Donald Duck, Golden Axe, Golden Axe Warrior, Golvellius, Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II, Fantasy Zone: The Maze, Galaxy Force, Wanted, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy.
Ys Memories of Celceta for PS Vita is dixie narco 501e service manual only shown via screenshots.0:18:05 3/25/12 watch episode 47 Whatever Happened to ActRaiser Alex Kidd?0:31:52 9/29/13 watch episode 87 Games that Time Forgot Genesis - Ristar snes - Stunt Race FX, Uniracers Sega CD - Wonder Dog Playstation 2 - The Mark of Kri TurboGrafx-16 - Bravoman Playstation - Crash Team Racing Saturn - Bug!, virtualltek nlite addon maker 1.2 Astal GameBoy - Solar.The final title of "Games that Time Forgot" wasn't decided upon until editing had begun.Sculpt mountains, dig riverbeds, and seed forests as you lay the groundwork for your creation.This episode was made after episodes 190, 191, and 192 but released before to be timely with the release of the system.