dragon ball z bt3 iso pcsx2

My PC Specs: HP Pavilion 15-n011sk Notebook PC 4Gb RAM, cPU: Intel Core i5 4200U.60 GHz (4 CPUs).
It took you a "really long time" to try the game on default?
Running under Windows 7, even this PC is old (i bought it suzuki alto 2009 owners manual 2 years ago) it still do well, and cheat baseball heroes home run 2013 i get avarage 80 fps in game (durning the fight, blasting and all this kind of effects in more "peacefull" part of game i have.
Did your changes to the texture opyions in GSdx fix something?
I know it is pretty lame guide but.The game play perfectly up to 1680x1050 resolution ( i cant test higher resoultion because i dont have enaugh resoultion in my monitor, but i bet it will work even in full hd) and you still will NOT GET the "shadows".Robertpal9: the proper grammar is "an" go back to fourth grade.KizXii: my bt3 is lagging robertpal9: Very nice sir very nice, blingman121v3: *Shakes Hand* robertpal9: You sir are a very worthy advirsary.

The game IS NOT flashing.
Thomas norwood: so weird by now id expect to see some talk/powering.
Você só vai conseguir extrair o arquivo usando o 7-Zip.All needed files (pcsx and plugins) you can get from p?ppublicbeta, my specs: Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q9550 (12M Cache,.83 GHz, 1333 MHz) 4GB DDR2 1066, geForce GTX 280.Aside from some of the obvious changes to GSdx, I see no "combination" here, other than DownloadInstallPlay.Blingman121v3: I replied :D, blingman121v3.Blingman121v3: If that is the case then you need to go back to the First grade.The game looks a lot better with 4:3 aspect ratio (as i have in options) but you can still set it 16:9 if you want.Blingman121v3: Yup robertpal9: oh and btw you do know that dbzbt3 doesnt have that mini game right?