does crack your knuckles cause arthritis

At this point it's just a speculation, not wild, but certainly not founded on anything but misconceptions.
N0 No cracking of joints will not cause arthritis.
If you can crack and manual saude do idoso ms your mom tells you, you're going to get arthritis, she's just yanking your chain.
Some people have a larger separation between the bones and some people can't relax enough to allow the bones to separate.
"None of them shows any change in the occurrence of arthritis between people who habitually crack their knuckles and those who do not.My current job (webdeveloper) allows me to feel more comfortable, but my real dream would be to work with people, not with computers.Tendons keep muscles attached to bones and are like rubber bands stretched over the joints.Synovial fluid bubbles and cavitation Cracking your knuckles does not cause arthritis.(more) 72 people found this useful.Both groups showed similar rates of arthritis in their hands.The study showed that the chances of having arthritis are pretty much the same whether you crack your joints or not.At least, that is the conclusion of several studies investigating the phenomenon.My currently malformed fingers give me a serious psychological strain.

Doctors believe that tendons can make a popping noise when they quickly snap over a joint.
P.S.: The cracking of knuckles is nothing compaired to the every day abuse the joints go through in every day normal use.
Don't listen to those people that tell you cracking your knuckles will cause you to have arthritis.
Do the cracking sounds need to be treated?
Your joints contain fluid which assist in cushioning and preventing the two or more bones from grinding against each other.While any joint can be popped, it is the knuckles of the fingers that are most commonly popped.(more) 6 people found this useful, answered, dr house saison 1 french in, the urban legend is that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis.In case you wonder: my general health is excellent, I have never broken a bone in my life and no one in my family has arthritis, neither.Unger wrote, "During the author's childhood, various renowned authorities (his mother, several aunts, and his mother-in-law) informed him that cracking his knuckles would lead to arthritis of the fingers.".At least one study also found the grip of people who habitually crack their knuckles may weaken over the years.I've been doing it for years and if anything, it increases felxibility and keeps your fingers supple.What happens is that when you hyper-extend a joint the synovial fluid (joint lubricant) decompresses and releases its dissolved gasses.