dodge ram dash crack

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Usually we take it to the same 2 dealerships one in Hanna Alberta and City in Medicine Hat Alberta.
I stopped and checked the oil level, no problem.Burnett My Response: Sterling, Sorry you found the WEB page to be misleading.Fuel pump manual para base de datos en access took a dump I had the speed sensor and fuel pump replaced.Email - - I own a 1996 dodge ram with 120,000 miles on it and all I have temple run game play put into it is oil, grease, and gas. .I am waiting to fix it or I can pay another 1000.00 to buy the whole rear differential carriage, which they conveniently have in stock.23.99 and about 6 hours of my time to replace the oil pump (2nd occurrence).This was my first Chrysler vehicle ever, needless to say this is my last.On the left is a link to a story about my 1996 Dodge Ram and the problems I had with the transmission.I am in college so its kinda hard to fork out 2000 or more dollars to replace the tranny.We now have this cover in the new designed 1-Piece cover that covers both pieces at one time*Type in part# 2007 in search bar to see.I guess that's what I get for "Buying American" Please advise (anyone) Rick Email - - My son bought his first vehicle.2002 Dodge Ram Cummins 4X4 w/ 64,000 miles.

Well with THE cost OF GAS AND repairs IM going broke.
Had it cleaned up and whole filter assembly replaced.
Warranty bomber to bumper runs out at 60,000 and the motor and drive train doesn't run out until 120,000!I jus spent 700 this weekend to fix my exhaust.It didn't do anything for about a week and then I was going home from work and on the expressway going 70 miles an hour it just went out of gear and I was coasting in the middle lane.What is amazing to me is that both heads are cracked.At 63000 miles the transmission went. .If anyone has any helpful hints please feel free to email me and give me some expert advice because this is my first and last dodge, but its gotta last me til i graduate college.Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.We have driven the truck for 8 years with little trouble. .