digital circuits and design by salivahanan pdf

Introduction to Software Engineering: Software Engineering Development, Software Life Cycle Models, Comparison of various models Requirement Elicitation: Introduction to Object Oriented Methodology, Overview of Requirements Elicitation, Requirements Model-Action Use cases, Requirements Elicitation Activities, Managing Requirements Elicitation.
Romanov, Modern Advanced Mathematics for Engineers, John Wiley and Sons, 2001.
Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming, 2nd., Addison Wesley, 1998 Code.: etec 206 L T C Paper: Digital Circuits System I instructions TO paper setters: maximum marks:.
Of Hrs.: 11 Digital Filter Structure: Block Diagram representation, Signal Flow Graph Representation, Equivalent Structures, FIR Digital Filter Structures, IIR Filter Structures, Parallel all pass realization of IIR transfer function, Digital Sine-Cosine generator.
Some lab experiments must be performed using any circuit simulation software.g.This causes the collector emitter resistance value to decrease due to an increase in the conduction level of the transistor.Wireless Local Loop(WLL) : Introduction to WLL Architecture, wireless Local Loop Technologies.Of Hrs.: 11 unit - III A/D and D/A converters: Binary-weighted DAC, R-2R Ladder type networks, Successive-approximation ADC, Linear-ramp ADC, Dual-slope ADC Bipolar-Transistor Characteristics, RTL and DTL circuits, TTL, ECL and cmos Logic families.Rajaram, Chemistry in Engineering Technology, Vol I II, Latest.Practical will be based on Software Testing.

This prince of tennis episode 1 increase in Vload will cause a reduced voltage of the transistor base emitter voltage Vbe as the zener voltage Vzener is constant.
Tanenbaum, Computer Networks, Pearson Education India Ltd., 3rd Edition, 2002.
Modeling circuits and analysis tools should be a subject of interest for future engineers as well.
Of Hrs.: 11 Fuzzy Arithmetic: Fuzzy Numbers, Linguistic Variables, Arithmetic Operations on Intervals Numbers, Lattice of Fuzzy Numbers, Fuzzy Equations.Of Hrs.: 11 unit - III Reducing the number of test cases: Prioritization guidelines, Priority category, Scheme, Risk Analysis, Regression Testing, Slice based testing Testing Activities: Unit Testing, Levels of Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Debugging, Domain Testing.Neural Networks: History, overview of biological Neuro-system, Mathematical Models of Neurons, ANN architecture, Learning rules, Learning Paradigms-Supervised, Unsupervised and reinforcement Learning, ANN training Algorithms-perceptions, Training rules, Delta, Back Propagation Algorithm, Multilayer Perceptron Model, Hopfield Networks, Associative Memories, Applications of Artificial Neural Networks.etcs 454 L P C Paper: Software Testing Lab.Unit I Introduction: Software Crisis, Software Processes Characteristics, Software life cycle models, Waterfall, Prototype, Evolutionary and Spiral Models Software Requirements analysis specifications: Requirement engineering, requirement elicitation techniques like fast, QFD Use case approach, requirements analysis using DFD, Data dictionaries ER Diagrams, Requirements documentation, Nature.To determine the viscosity of the given liquid (density to be determined).7 unit - III Measuring Instruments Principles, Construction and application of moving coil, moving iron, dynamometer type, induction type instruments, extension of range of ammeter, voltmeter (shunt and multiplier Two-wattmeter method, for the measurement of power, Cathol-ray Oscilloscope and Applications.