crusader kings ii patch 2.0 3

This can be set and endnote for mac crack accessed via script: Added triggers "secret_religion "true_religion "secret_religion_group and "true_religion_group".
Also added a "Has Secret Religion" filter that'll only show characters you know to have a secret religion When you can rank up in your society you now get a separate alert that takes you to the Society screen, rather than being part of the.
You no longer get any liege levies from vassals with a negative opinion of you.
Monks and Mystics expansion.Fixed some bugs with the customization DLC's renaming of landed titles with cultural names.If the character ends up as their secret religion, their secret religion is cleared.Converter edit Fixed trigger issues for the default national ideas from EU4.Religious Heads/Holy Orders/Mercenaries will now leave their titles behind if they agree to flip religion through a secret cult The standard soul corruption pulse event for devil worshipers is now less likely to give you Major soul corruption, but the chance now increases the higher.Currently handles religions and societies Added a clear_flags_with_prefix effect.Massive izotope nectar full crack update to Faction balance!Set in the world of George.What if Robb captured Kings Landing?Added the command line argument -scriptlog to enable log triggers and effects without enabling script asserts.Txt Most the sections in society definitions now provide the society itself as a scope (from) Societies can now have an associated religion (defined with associated_religion religiontag).Fixed a bug with the ruler consort title being shown for the spouse a day after the ruler dies Fixed a bug in some messages with duplicate titles King King Karlmann Fixed a bug with some dynasty names of event spawned characters Dying a "natural.

Example of new syntax: add_law law true_cognatic_succession cooldown no opinion_effect no Messed up localisation is now less likely to crash the game from in on_character_convert_religion and on_character_convert_culture is no longer a temp character, but instead the culture/religion itself.
Fixed a bug where fabricate claims plot wouldn't end when the title was destroyed Fixed a bug where all constructed settlements were counted as trade posts Fixed a bug for multiplayer character selection which enabled multiple people to play as the same character Fixed.
The AI is way more likely to back a claimant if they hate their liege.TName, tNameCap, and tCurrency now fall back to null_society and null_society_currency rather than just ending up blank Fixed the "has_artifact" condition showing up blank Fixed the game crashing in some cases after resigning and reloading, and hovering over a port that had a fleet.Fixed several 'lockups' in army AI where armies would get stuck bouncing between two destinations AI: Will now consider the actual composition of an army when determining its strength, rather than just looking at numbers AI: Now factors in effects of terrain when determining whether."religion" defaults to public, while "set_secret_religion" defaults to "secret" Added "secret_religion" console command that sets a character's secret religion.Getting 'Secretly Sunni' instead of 'Secretly Orthodox The Weaponsmith and the Goldsmith will no longer be killed if they become landed Fixed a crash caused by characters getting deleted while still referenced by events definiciгіn manual de usuario de un sistema Fixed a div / 0 crash The trigger and actual cost.Added a bottleneck logic to battles where the defender benefits from the surrounding terrain to make the opponent fight on his terms.