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Programmer too focused on interesting tech is an anti-pattern that companies screen against (these programmers are sometimes not productive).
If you have worked in lower-level languages like C, C, Go, or Rust, talking about this will particularly help.
Suppose testing whether a string is ordered takes a*k operations, and printing it takes b*k.When youve described a brute-force solution, ask the interviewer if they would like you to implement it, or come up with more efficient solution.Start at the highest level, and move downward.Set a 20-minute timer on each question, and race to answer.This happens naturally with experience.Running Triplebyte, I see this clearly.I fundamentally do not believe that good programmers should have to learn special interviewing skills to do well on interviews.Reading a lot of interview questions has the added benefit of providing you ideas to use when in actual interviews.The steps I recommend are: Ask questions, talk through a brute-force solution, talk through an optimized solution.The interviewer will often guide you to this algorithm, but only if you begin the process.Triplebyte candidates who have worked at a top company or studied at a top school go on to pass interviews at a 30 higher rate than programmers who dont have these credentials (for a given level of performance on our credential-blind screen).Hopefully, the question will be similar to something youve seen, and youll know the answer.

To do well in an interview, then, you need to be able to solve small problems quickly, under duress, while explaining your thoughts clearly.
This is true, I think, because of dynamic languages compact syntax, flexible typing, and list and hash literals.
Its not meritocratic and it sucks, but if you have these credentials, its in your interest to make sure that your interviewers know this.
At each level, ask your interviewer for specifications (should you suggest a simple starting point, or talk about what a mature system might look like?) and talk about several options (applying the ideas from your reading).
Some candidates manage to convince every company they talk to that its their dream job, while others (who are genuinely excited) fail update 1.7 minecraft server to convince anyone.To be a productive programmer, you need to be able to solve large, sprawling problems over weeks and months.The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena.If the interviewer likes your process and you communicate well with them, they will not mind helping.They eat large sprawling problems for breakfast, but they balk at 45-min algorithm challenges.Many candidates exaggerate simple side projects (sometimes that never actually worked and the interviewer has no way to tell if you are doing this.You do not need to be an expert, but knowing the following battlefield 3 official game guide list of algorithms and data structures will help at most companies.Excited employees will be happier and work harder.If youve written an admin interface during an internship that was deployed to the entire admin staff, the deployment makes it a good thing to talk about.But because youve already come up with the solution, this should be fairly straightforward.