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Failed to transfer database objects to different server type when transfering to sql file in Data Transfer.
Report Management Tools, and more.
When running backup for PostgreSQL database, duplicate/missing records would happen.
Improvements: Allow to save Function in Oracle Procedure/Function Designer if user selected Procedure in first step of Function Wizard Bug Fixes: SQLite Table Designer did not allow to create data type text, blob, real, etc with length, precision and scale.Navicat Premium is a multi-connections database administration tool allowing you to connect to MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases simultaneously within a single application, making database administration to multiple kinds of database so easy.Support to ignore comparing MySQL definer clause of view, event, trigger, procedure whirlpool ed25dq refrigerator manual and function in Structure Synchronization.Synchronize to Database function in Data Modeling Tool failed to synchronize SQLite tables with changed fields.Fixed to set mysql_OPT_local_infile for MariaDB connection.When added a new field (without labelling its name) in MySQL server usng Table Designer, then click the Move Up button.Import Paradox not able to import data properly in Navicat 64bits.

Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, print database/schema/table structure, server Security and Maintenance Services.
Diversified Import and Export Competence, feature Rich Oracle PL/SQL Code Debugger.
Navicat Premium: Secure Connection, object Designer, table Viewer, sQL Builder/Editor.
"Access Violation" error occured when getting the MySQL Event information from Linux server.
Navicat Premium 11 was released with much improved database management features, and a new interface.Durum Temiz, navicat Premium Enterprise (Alternatif).MySQL Auto increment value could not be altered if "Use DDL from show create table" option was disabled with "Include Auto Increment" option being checked in Data Transfer.Upgrade Procedure : click here to upgrade Bug Fixes: PostgreSQL Foreign Key Data Selection did not work properly.Empty string was identified as Null in SQLite.Other features include Import/ Export Wizard, Query Builder, Report Builder, Data Synchronization, Backup, Job Scheduler 1979 yamaha 650 special repair manual and more.