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Code:Blocks, code:Blocks is an extensible and fully configurable IDE for C, C and Fortran and is designed to support its users most demanding needs.
SharpDevelop is regularly updated, with the SharpDevelop.1 release candidate being made available in July 2015.
You also dont have to choose a single platform; its cross-compatible for Windows, Linux, and Max.
Js, Python, and more Key Features: Runs on OS X, Windows, and Linux Source code is available on GitHub Easy to migrate to if youre already using atom Connect to remote servers for full access to file tree Improve your JavaScript development with built in Flow.Languages Supported: Dart Key Features: Static analysis engine and direct integration with Dartium Develop, debug, and maintain apps Code completion and refactoring Outline view shows classes, methods, and functions in an intuitive tree display Set breakpoints and inspect variables with debugger Quickly find callers for.And of course, new developers who havent yet established their groove are seeking the simplest solutions that provide them with the most features and functionality.Add vim modal control or mini-map to preview source code) Option to contribute to the Atom community and add your own package Customise the look and feel of the editor with four different UI themes and 8 syntax ones File system browser that allows you.

Within your browser Preview in any browser for testing purposes (no need to install different browsers or setup a virtual machine) Cost: free: 512MB RAM, 1GB disk space, 1 workspace Micro: 9 per month, 1GB RAM, 10GB disk space, 2 workspaces Small: 19 per month.
Languages Supported: C Visual Basic, Java (ikvm C/C, Python, Boo, Vala Key Features: Code completion support for C# garmin hud vs hud.pdf 4 Code templates and code folding Customizable workspace to suit your preferred workflow External tools for enhanced capabilities Integrated debugger for Mono and native applications GTK# Visual.
Java 3D API, downloads, the Java 3D API enables the creation of three-dimensional graphics applications and Internet-based 3D applets.
DialogBlocks, a cross platform GUI coding assistant, DialogBlocks is a simple tool that enables you to easily edit dialogs and generate code.Multiple-language editing support with auto completion and refactorings JavaScript/CoffeeScript debugger and Ruby debugger Single, streamlined interface with Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, and CVS integration Bundled keyboard schemes from other popular environments Cost: 30 Day Trial: free RubyMine for First Time Subscribers: 210 for the first year (prices decrease.The numerical formatting is used to provide an easy point of reference only.Written in Delphi, Dev-C is an open-source software that creates either console or GUI native Win32 executables.Its open source and offers cross platform functionality (Linux, Mac, and Windows) with no hidden costs.The security program pushed-out a flawed signature update on Monday that mistakenly targeted hundreds of crucial Windows files incorrectly identifying them as malware.Extensive support for PHP, Ruby on Rails and Python/Django.Key Features: Good integration with Mac Oeveloper help Cross-functional features that match workflows Works with plain-text and Unicode files Open and save text files located on remote FTP and sftp servers Comprehensive AppleScript support Supports large file text transformations Multiple documents per-window interaction model Cost.NetBeans / @netbeans An intuitive, drag-and-drop interface with project templates, binary and static libraries, and many useful functions to make your life simpler, NetBeans is a popular IDE for C and C projects.Zinjal Originally designed as a learning environment, Zinjal offers advanced development tools that make it useful for larger and more sophisticated development projects.