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These are the traps.
Minho Marsh, 32,56; Travel Word for teleportation - minho.
Down the hall to the north is a door at 9,13.The northern-most passage leads to a confrontation with some beasts.Orlene's house - She gives the quest 19 Flowers for Fallen Heroes.Fight the Ghouls and Ghosts and Spearmen.This gives him/her good Magic damage, a good pool of Mana, and some good health for when they got hit.Near where you enter is a barrel, that when opened, will spawn a bunch of Ghouls.You will think you have killed 15 or 20, but the game has it's own accounting system that is a mystery.In the extreme southwest corner of the level, and after battles with creatures and Erebos, you will find yet another Piece of the Solar Sigil at 4,1.If you are here for the promotion quest, once you talk to the Blind Shaman, the gate to Pao-Kai will open and you will have to fight a dragon.In this direction you will find a locked door at 12,10, and then some longer passages that lead to doors at 9,12 and 4,12.You will engage him in combat.Step on the teleporter disc to be teleported back to the entrance.

There are three levers on the north wall just to the right of the portcullis.
Right next to the fireplace, on the south-facing wall at 5,9 is a lever.
The Maiden and Mother statues grants a buff and the Crone statue dispels any status ailments afflicted on party members.
30.2 Retrieve Yumiko's bow.Also, the Paladin Promotion quest requires another item that you need to take to the Cursed Ruins.49.1 Find Owl Cave.Be prepared for a tough windows contacts vista sp1 32 bit key battle before you use the teleporter.This is a Riddle Chest and the only way to open it is to supply the correct answer.The author of this Guide doesn't know what.After they depart, walk a bit further and you will see a chest at 19,20.The only difference between killing them or letting them live is the end-game synopsis where the Narrator lets you in on the real consequences and what became of the Outlaws.(You might new meez coin hack 2012 notice that if you have been following this guide exactly, you now have two Golden Keys.Also very likely, other than the main quests, the agt cytogenetics laboratory technical manual you will acquire and complete many of the other quests in a different order than is outlined in this Guide.