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1920s edit 1920s Constructivist architecture A form of modern architecture that flourished in the Soviet Union in the 1920s and early 1930s.
In 1881 Lunin, one of the workers in that school, fed mice upon an artificial mixture of the separate constituents of milk; of all the constituents, that is, which were then known, namely the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, 2011 3d castellano pdf tutoriales unity and salts.
1762 Off-axis reflecting telescope 1770s edit 1770 Amber Room The Amber Room in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg eusing registry cleaner registration crack is a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors.
It has existed since the times of Kievan Rus', first mentioned in the Primary Chronicle in the year 1048.
For a filament, Lodygin used a very thin carbon rod, placed under a bell-glass.The number of domes typically has a symbolical meaning in Russian architecture, for example 13 domes symbolize Christ with 12 Apostles, while 25 domes mean the same with additional 12 Prophets from the Old Testament.The gusli are thought to have been the instrument used by the legendary Boyan (a bard, a singer of tales) and other heroes of Russian mythology.Morton, Maurice (1999) 1987."Soyuz launch vehicle: The most reliable means of space travel".Orbital module 1967 Space toilet 1967 Ostankino Tower 1967 The Motherland Calls 1967 Computer for operations with functions 1967 Automated space docking 1967 Venus lander 19 Mil Mi-12 The largest helicopter ever built.In Russian craftsmen again reconstructed the Amber Room in the Catherine Palace, while the location of the original one is still a mystery.Lavrentiy Beria, head of the KGB, used this Buran device to spy on the.S., British, and French embassies in Moscow 1949 Staged combustion cycle 1949 Reactive armour 1950s edit 1950s Head transplant The first head transplant with full cerebral function (by Vladimir Demikhov ).The first such sculpture was the famous Worker and Kolkhoz Woman by Vera Mukhina.

Zvonnitsa appeared in Russia in the 14th century and was widely used until the 17th century.
A compound slide on a metal lathe adds the ability to turn tapers more easily, and may be used to turn more precise diameters.
It is now generally agreed that the first clear evidence, based upon experiment, for the existence of dietary factors of the nature of vitamins came from the school of Bunge at Basel.
Occasionally such weapons were made in Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, but the regular and widespread usage of bardiches started in early 15th century Russia.Retrieved ikolay Slavyanov's biography at (Russian) Icebreaker Yermak at the (Russian) Loran and the fire extinguisher at p-lab.Today the hat is sometimes used in the Russian fashion.1976 / Kireeva.82 1868 Grow light Andrei Famintsyn was the first to use artificial light for plant growing and research.The oldest yacht club in the world, by date of establishment, is the Neva Yacht Club, founded by the Russian Tsar Peter the Great in 1718.The Ancient Russian weapons, 1971.