chicago manual of style colon usage

Rule for colons between sentences: Use a colon instead of a semicolon or a period between two sentences when the best software engineering courses uk second sentence explains or illustrates something in the first sentence.
In a driving metaphor, think of a colon as a tap on the brake before moving the car into a curve.
Take the sentence She has decided: She wont have surgery to rf offline full client hide the scar.
Just as colon the organ, um, moves things along, so does colon the punctuation mark.You treat the first word after a dash the same way youd treat it if it followed a comma.Constructions with Not, Not Only, The More, The Less.A dash is a stronger and more informal mark than a colon.People often get confused about how to treat colons and dashes when they have to mix them with"tion marks.Help us by joining CJR today.On the other hand, you sometimes have to make a decision about capitalization when you use a colon.

The key is to pick a style and be consistent.
A dashing young man is certainly not dell driver update utility key an ordinary young man, and if you're dashing off to the store, you're not just going to the store, you're going in a flurry.
Capitalization rule with sentences after colons: If only one sentence follows the colon, it is often not necessary to capitalize the first word of the new sentence.Should I also capitalize the T in The?The new suspect was Aardvarks best friend, Squiggly.Other Typographic Matters, period, comma, series and the Serial Comma, introductory Words and Phrases.Now, should you capitalize the first word after a colon if it begins a list rather than a new sentence?She could feign satiety and thank the host for a good meal.Separating Homonyms, dates, addresses and Names, elliptical Constructions.Relative Clauses, two or More Adjectives Preceding a Noun.