cheats fгr dirt 3 xbox 360

DC Gold (10 points You earned all gold medals in the DC Challenges.
Battered Battersea (50 points) You completed 100 of the Battersea Compound Missions.
(50) - You have unlocked Driver Rep level.
French Connection (25) - Win an Xbox live race in Monte Carlo (Jam Session).
Rally Evolution (10) - You have experienced key vehicles from xbox live redeem codes generator Rally history and triumphed.World Renowned (20) - You have achieved first place finishes and passed the DC Challenge in a World Tour event.(20 points) You have earned victories in all weather conditions.Donut Addict (20 points) You completed 50 of the Battersea Compound Missions.

King of the Road (10) - You have won an Xbox live race in hardcore mode.
Cool Running (10 points You have beaten the bobsleigh in the DC Bobsleigh Challenge.
Assistance is Futile (20) - You won a race without the use of any Driver Assists.
Flag Stealer (10 points) You stole the flag from the opposing team 5 times in a game of Transporter (Pro Tour).
Platinum Performance (20 points You earned all platinum medals in the DC Challenges.Racing Gloves - Reach Fan Level 24, racing Shoes - Reach Fan Level 12, racing Suit - Complete Season.Teacher's Pet (20 points you earned a platinum medal in each one of the Gymkhana tutorials.(10) - You have survived a round of Outbreak without being infected (Pro Tour Jam Session).DC Silver (10 points) You earned all silver medals in the DC Challenges.Rising Talent (10 points You have unlocked Driver Rep level.Into the DiRT (10 points).Racing Suit - Complete Season.