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If there are no block marks, all of the text is treated as a single block.
When all the characters from which you want to remove effects are highlighted, press SET to remove the effects and return to the text input screen.All of this makes the casio Label Printer the perfect tool for just about all of your labeling needs!Privacy Policy 2017 te).Use H and J to move the cursor to the starting point and press SET to specify.The casio Label Printer makes it possible for you to print adhesive labels for a wide variety of applications such as name tags, cassette tape labels, floppy disks, binders, and other applications.Abxyomputer Company If you assign the box effect to "abxyz" and "Computer Company" separately, you get the following result.

Abxyz Computer Company Note The following operation removes all effects assigned to the text you specify.
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Label Length Print Area abcd efgh ijklmn QRS TU vwzyz Side manual virtual pc windows 7 space Blocks Side space Blocks A block is text that is enclosed between two block marks ( ).
Size, action, manual 81 pdf 805.56KB, download, viewer, similar items, share our project in social networks.Note that side spaces are only added when you are using auto feed, and they are not added when using manual feed (see "Auto Feed.Abxyz Computer Company To remove text effects Example: To remove the shading from "abxyz" in the following text.Abxyz Computer Company If you assign the box effect to the entire text (From "A" to "y you get the following result.Print Area The print area is the actual area of a label that contains printed text.It starts with the left side of the first character printed, and ends with the right side of the last character printed.Note the following illustration.By filling in the form below, your question will appear below the manual of the Casio KL-7000.Home, casio, label, kL-7000, device Category: Printers, device Group: Label.Note that the first (far left) block does not require a block mark at the beginning, and the last (far right) block does not require a block mark at the end.