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Behold, I do not give lectures or a little charity, When I give I give myself.
None of these gals look as young as the story wants you to believe, but we always liked these cheap.D.
Her evil gold-digging stepmother (Rosalba Neri) gets involved and things go horribly wrong.
Things zero acne in 7 giorni pdf start going awry fast and the mirror is starting to set up poor Thommy into going down the same the paths the old inhabitants of the mirror went through. .
BA N467 Corridas Explosivas (0?) 3 hours of explosive and very hot sex with young women who act as if there is nothing else in the world they would rather be doing.Very complex,graphic and sick giallo now available in nice quality, LBX and with English subtitles.Plenty of excellent looking German girls in their birthday suits.Target Earth (74) An electronics expert searching for evidence of aliens picks up signals that he believes to be from an alien spacecraft.But no one remembers this devastating chapter in history.Hysteria occurs within the city when he is accused of witchcraft by a sexually repressed nun (Vanessa Redgrave).(90) Vampire erotica with loads of lovely ladies and sex, this however not of the close-up genitalia type but slightly edited so you just get the other stuff. .Pathetic, violent, associative, hypnotic, dramatic, romantic, musical, metaphysical, sick, tragic.The child's vampire parents appear to seek revenge on those who have disturbed their son's eternal sleep.Nice and sleazy period piece with all that you would expect from a nunsploitation classic!Arguably the zombie army are not zombies by today's standards, but they are still effective (more like ghosts).

To Terror aka: Spuk am Lagerfeuer aka: Noite de Historias e de Terror Two travelers, one a well to do young clerk (Brad Dourif) on the way to reunion with his wife, the other a scruffy, feral bounty hunter (James Earl Jones meet at sundown.
Plenty of nudity and blood.
Opening scene 'Pregnant Lust' has one woman who is obviously 7 or 9 months pregnant taking on two guys.
P736 Nudes at Eleven (86) Scandals (8?) Tracey Adams stars in both, the first a full length the second a short.100 years later a young man and his girlfriend swim in said pond and she becomes possessed Hong Kong Horror with sex and nudity - With English subtitles.BA N696 Cards on the Table (66) aka: Attack of the Robots aka: Cartes sur table - Here we have a beautiful uncut and LBX version of this Jess Franco movie!During WW2, a small German squadron is assigned to carry a shipment of Nazi gold across the African desert.4 disc set 30 or 4 VHS 40 BA N844 Operation Atlantis (65) aka: Agente S 03: Operazione Atlantide An American (John Ericson) discovers that the Red Chinese have built a secret atomic city from which they attempt to invade America.Meanwhile one of the sexy stable girls (Heather Deeley who starred in the disturbing British porn 'Diversions has an eye for one of the men, pissing off her sexy girlfriend (Mary Millington).The game features the titular superhero originally featured as a fictional spokesman used by Capcom USA in the companys console games during the late 80s.A527 Ballad of a Bounty Hunter (69) aka: Django, a Bullet For You aka: Dos mil dólares por Coyote - Leon Klimovsky directs.