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Walk behind the bar, and search for the Summons from the IRS on a shelf.
Poster for Tamu-Tamu (Internal Affairs Shortly after entering the Domo Roboto warehouse, you can find the Poster for Tamu-Tamu under the Tactical Gear.
Locate the workbench with the Ricin Bomb in the corner.
Identify one as Cameron Briller, then neutralize him using a non-lethal method, and search his body to find the Safe Combination.
Burner Cellphones (Internal Affairs Go to the third floor of the Neltz's warehouse.Evidence locations Search the indicated locations to find the corresponding evidence to complete the Case Files: Episode 1: Back To School Ledger and Money (The Hot Shot File When you get the "Investigate The Room" objective, use the scanner to analyze the document on the.Answering Machine (The Elmore Hotel Investigation Enter the office next to the reception desk.Letter from Kang's Wife (Power Play Enter the back office to find a desk with an unconnected computer.John Starnes: Take the elevator to floor 20, and turn to your right.Dead Space reference In the "High Tension" map, go to the second floor of the shopping mall.Boomer Photo (Power Play Search for a thug named James Mun behind the garage in the salvage yard.Episode 2: Checking Out Box of Hot Shot (Hot Shot Supply Chain In the laundry room, go to the rear right corner to find the Box of Hot Shot near some cs2 trial to full crack mf steps.Scan the Kilo of Cocaine on the table.Delayed Trigger: Tripmines and Sabotage have an extra delay before triggering, giving you a chance to avoid them.On the Job (Bronze honda 185s three wheeler manual Complete the Prologue in single-player.

Episode 3: Gator Bait Exploded Drug Bale (Hot Shot Supply Chain During the "Investigate The Boathouse" objective, after using the zipline and taking out the three enemies, you can find the Exploded Drug Bale on the ground.
Lure him out, and handcuff him.
(Silver Get 100 kills with the Nail Gun.Level 3 Fast Aim: You can bring your weapon to bear faster when aiming down sights.Earn the indicated number of points to reach the corresponding Expert Level and unlock the corresponding bonuses: Expert Level, points, unlockable 1 2,000, cZ-75 Pistol, M1911A1 Heavy Pistol 2 3,000 37 Stakeout Shotgun 3 3,000, ammo Box, Armored Insert, First Aid Pack, Gas Mask.Water Sampling crack windows washer 6 Equipment (Internal Affairs Go to the sawmill.Mechanical Trigger Finger (Bronze Get 10,000 kills with the Mechanic Class.Stained Fanboat (Internal Affairs The Stained Fanboat is beneath a shelter near the sawmill.