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With the use of add-ons vaneigem revolution of everyday life pdf or Web services, this feature can also be enabled super bluetooth hack 2009 on Web pages that do not support it natively.
Also, this web application needs to keep track of various fields in database that keep changing with time.I very well appreciate this plugin.These services work on all browsers, including Mozilla Firefox.Easy Auto Refresh is a Chrome web browser extension to automatically refresh and reload any page or tab after a specified number of seconds.This reduces the load time and keeps your page from resetting.I know, there are ways to retain the position of the scroll.In order to allow this feature again, you must enable it either from the Firefox general options tab or the configuration page.References, photo Credits photo_camera, jochen Sand/Photodisc/Getty Images, article Feedback.

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Receive new advanced options as they become available.
Click 'Advanced Options' to display all available options, including random intervals, clear cache, refresh all tabs, and more!
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Up vote 1 down vote, without going into too much detail, in general you might want to consider generating your html dynamically, using Javascript, in an Ajax-style manner.Add-ons can also become outdated and cease to function if the browser is updated.Refresh countdown pauses while typing.The majority of plugins Ive rated the past several months are like this one they are simple, intuitive, and end up a permanent part of my WP toolbox.Up vote 0 down vote I think that the following is a good solution with the refresh command in the header.It's considerably more challenging to do right, but it's the right way to go from a user-experience perspective.Preferred customer and email support.Random refresh intervals.Save your settings per page.