artesian hot tub owners manual

A floor drain is optimum.
This will help to lower the call of duty 4 digital patch 1.5 chlorine level.
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Always follow these basic guidelines when handling the chemicals.Acrylic is the visible surface; however, there are two other materials that compose the shell.We recommend that the water be changed at least every six months.Replace the reflector by screwing it clockwise back onto the wall fitting.This is in compliance with section 422-20 of the National Electrical Code, ansi/nfpa 70-1987.Always read and follow the directions on the label, unless directed otherwise.Never use laundry detergent, abrasives, alcohols, dish soaps or harsh cleaners.Turn off all power to your spa and remove the filter lid by lifting it out towards you.Also check to see if valve is in the full open position.Locate and loosen the pump by turning it counterclockwise one half of one turn.

Severe problems can occur when the pH balance is not maintained within this range.
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After spa has been positioned, route line through knockout on the left or right front of spa cabinet.Place your spa on a surface that is large enough for the entire spa.Remove the bulb from the holder.The pH reading should be between.2 and.8.We recommend that you use a four-inch cement slab seasoned at least 72 hours.Tublicious 2012 Coast Spas Owners Manual, dreammaker Spas, dynasty 20 Manuals 20 Manuals 20 Manuals.Also wait a few hours after you use the spa to test the water.The bottom drain will insure that the spa fully drains.You should maintain a slightly alkaline pH level, between.2 and.8, in the hydrotherapy spa.