army manual for physical security

AR 190-13 3, security lighting allows security personnel to maintain visual-assessment capability during darkness.
5, define the objectives of the Physical Security Education Program.
When security-lighting provisions are impractical, what are needed?FM 3-19.30 2, what Army Regulations covers the Army Physical Security Program?Detection Delay Response 18 _ are the most acceptable and widely used security devices for protecting facilities, classified materials, and property.Information, equipment, property, facilities, categories.

Concertina 14 What are the three dv rack hd crack designations of restricted areas?
Locks (All containers, rooms, and facilities must be locked when not in actual use.) 19 The detection subelement of the overall site-security system includes what?
17 An overall site-security system is comprised of what three major sub-elements?
Classified material, aRMS, ammunition, expolosives (AA E complex.
Physical security is defined as that part of security concerned with physical measures designed to safeguard personnel; to prevent unauthorized access to equipment, installations, material, and documents; and to safeguard against espionage, sabotage, damage, and theft.Unit members employ physical security measures.Locked container, properly registered, stored separately, receipted.Harden THE target, protective barriers, lighting, types OF fences.Control of populations, information dominance, multinational and interagency connectivity, anti-terrorism, and the use of physical-security assets as a versatile force multiplier.Army physical security program, commander prepares unit plan, provost marshall assists.No less than 50 ft from the point of entry 13, what are the four types of fencing that are authorized for the protection of restricted areas?16 Name some challenges relative to Physical Security.