army land navigation manual

Determine the grid coordinates to the desired accuracy.
Para 6-1 How many units of uniblue powersuite 2014 with crack measurement are used for Direction?
A: a topographic map (usually at 1:12,550 scale, sometimes up to 1:5,000 showing the details of a city. .
Para 6-2 What is an Back Azimuth?Indicates cultural (man-made) features such as buildings and roads, surveyed spot elevations, and all labels.Small; Those maps with scales of 1:1,000,000.Another unit of measure, the mil (abbreviated is used mainly in artillery, tank, and mortar gunnery.Para 6-7 What is the two methods for Intersection?Para 2-7 What are Geographic Maps?Some people like the term, topographic Maps while others prefer, topographical Maps.

Using Terrain Association. .
Para 3-1 Where will you find the Vertical Datum Note of a Map and what does it represent?
Available Subcategories : Page 1 of 2 1 2 » Land Navigation / Map Reading Study Guide » Field-Expedient Methods of Determining Direction, when a compass is not available, different techniques may be used to determine the four cardinal directions.Don't rely on a GPS until you first prepare yourself with the knowledge and skills required to find your way with simple tools like a map and compass.A: collections of maps of regions, countries, continents, or the world.A: located in the center of the lower margin and The vertical datum or vertical-control datum is defined as any level surface (for example, mean sea level) taken as a surface of reference from which to determine elevations. .Para 6-2 What is True North?For example, one of the exercises in Part 3 is an imaginary orienteering "hike" that uses the sample map.A: Intersection is the location of an unknown point by successively occupying at least two (preferably three) known positions on the ground and then map sighting on the unknown location. .Para 6-8 What is Resection?