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C honeywell heater hz-710 manual LP: #633862 linux-mvl-dove 633862 LCD dovefb: refine configure ref clk and lcd internal divider flow and give detailed comments.
Grub2 591202, if we're upgrading and /boot/grub/g doesn't exist, then don't ask where to install grub, since it probably means we're in some kind of specialised environment such as a live USB stick (LP: digital ixus 40 manual #591202).(LP: #622388) python3.1 630511 Assume working semaphores, don't rely on running kernel for the check.The workaround should not affect by the setting of ai_usermode.Upstart: Do not already fire on a framebuffer device.LJ curl and Kerberos I threw together a quick patch that permits to set the Kerberos service name.Indicator-sound 662296 More fixes for pulse re-connection problems (LP: #662296) indicator-sound 581173 Fixed high CPU load when there is problems connecting to pulse (LP: #581173) ipvsadm 663564 libipvs/libipvs.Thanks to Stephen Leavitt for digging out the patch (LP: #683076) pidgin 676972 debian/patches/tch: Workaround SSL xbox 360 emulator v3 2 v6 2 connectivity issues with MSN (LP: #676972) python-imaging 622388 Build-depend on liblcms1-dev.Null entry- lock_count 0' failed LP: #534225 - setup_http_proxy_env constructs no_proxy incorrectly gob2 589967 fix produce uncompilable source file under amd64 (LP: #589967) gutenprint 576705 Fix regression of Epson Stylus S20, S21, T20, and T21 not working any more (LP: #576705).Patch taken from upstream ( i?id7577 ) tomcat6 632554 debian/it: Add missing -p option in start-stop-daemon when starting tomcat6 to avoid failing to start due to /bin/bash running (LP: #632554) tomcat6 611721 Check for group existence to avoid postinst failure (LP: #611721) In addition, these.Landscape-client 613256 The -help command line option can now be used without being root (LP: #613256).

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C LP: #599569, #615592 (pre-stable) writeback: remove the always false bdi_cap_writeback_dirty test LP: #543617, #585092 (pre-stable) writeback: remove unused nonblocking and congestion checks LP: #543617, #585092 (pre-stable) vfs: improve writeback_inodes_wb LP: #543617, #585092 (pre-stable) writeback: add missing kernel-doc notation LP: #543617, #585092 (pre-stable) writeback: fix.
(LP: #525154) openssl 590639 Update AES-NI patch to tch from ml?Dear user, submit your own serials and store them online in our database so you can access them when you need.The PCI Rework howto is partially obsolete and incomplete, yet is made immutable, so I cannot fix.Okna-Okno styl eská republika g, oBI eská republika g, okna Macek eská republika.LP: #649483 mips: Set io_map_base for several PCI bridges lacking it LP: #649483 mips: uasm: Add OR instruction.Gwibber 674894 Do not prepend 'is' in facebook status updates.LJ blitz-to : Wrapper, to be run from gnome menu.C: prevent reading uninitialized stack memory LP: #649483 bonding: correctly process non-linear skbs LP: #649483 Staging: vt6655: fix buffer overflow LP: #649483 net/llc: make opt unsigned in llc_ui_setsockopt LP: #649483 pid: make setpgid system call use RCU read-side critical section LP: #649483 sched: Fix user.