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Note: DO NOT use this feature with wind direction measurements, the resulting averages will be bogus.
No custom data, select y-axis primary secondary, notice: Any publication based in whole or in part on these data sets should conspicuously acknowledge the data source as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory using the citation and my first britannica pdf DOI listed on the bottom of the TS Escalante.
Selected data or all raw data has the option of being compressed using the ZIP format.
The calculate third component option uses the formula: Global Direct * Cosine( Zenith ) Diffuse to calculate a third component based on the selected two.
Selected daily statistics will generate daily totals (for irradiance data) and daily averages (for meteorological data) using the input data for the entire day(s custom data will be ignored.Please read the disclaimer.D, aILY, p lots and, r AW, d, atles.Sign on, american Institute of Physics Conference SeriesAstronomical Society of the Pacific Conference SeriesIAU ColloquiaIAU Symposia.

Both interactive and current, greenr allows users to navigate issue, organization and country portals.
Plots and wind roses can only be generated one day at a time using the start date.
Generate custom data, user-defined calculation using an instrument and another instrument or value: Global HorizontalDirect NormalDiffuse HorizontalGlobal (secondary)Global (uncorrected)Direct (uncorrected)Diffuse (uncorrected)Air TemperatureRelative HumidityWind SpeedPk Wind SpeedSDev Wind SpeedWind DirectionSDev Wind DirectionStation PressureZenith AngleAzimuth AngleCR800 TempRSR Battery- value - Global HorizontalDirect NormalDiffuse HorizontalGlobal (secondary)Global (uncorrected)Direct (uncorrected)Diffuse.
Calculate the third irradiance component using global, direct, or diffuse: * Calculate Global *Global HorizontalGlobal (secondary)Global (uncorrected Calculate Direct *Direct NormalDirect (uncorrected Calculate Diffuse *Diffuse HorizontalDiffuse (uncorrected).When selecting raw data or wind rose, all selections (except the date) will be ignored.Volume Year (yyyy Month (MM).Some of these serial numbers can also be clicked for further instrument calibration history and uncertainties.The daily maximum and minimum (if applicable) will also be generated.