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Our major difficulty is that they can be combined, particularly the comma, in words such as, (but we also have the complex word ).
While a bit extensive, the size of the phonetic catalog is very reasonable (no need to use ejectives or the like, as in the guessed alphabet of part 1 of this post).
We are left with which, among other hypothesis, could be a diphtong (the only one we have so far) or the mark for a rare vowel.
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The abugida hypothesis is at best practices in reading level c.pdf least plausible, even though, as I said, the words are a bit longer than Id like and my score at guessing the consonants probably isnt much better than a random choice.
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p/ /a/ /b/ 24.5 0.5 /e/ /t/ /a/ /d/ /o/ /k/ /a/?
The comma is a semivowel /j/ added after the vowel, and thus, would be /patej/ and, would give us /pojte/.
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