5th sem energy conversion lab manual

Unit I Introduction: Solid state powerpuffgirls buttercup docinhopoderosa pdf controlled electric drive-Concept, elements and salient features, power converter motor system, closed loop control of electric drives, sensing of speed and current, review of power converter circuits, performance parameters.
8 text books:. .
Two component system : Lead Silver, FeCl3 water, Na2SO4 water.
Higher ratio test, Cauchys root test.K., Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Narosa, 2003 (2nd.).Yariv SBS College Publishing, Newyork 1985.Insulated Cables: Types of cables, dielectric stress, grading of cables, insulation resistance, capacitance of single phase and three phase cables, dielectric loss, heating of cables.Schildt Herbert, C Programming, 2nd Editiion, Wiley DreamTech, 2004 reference books:. .Of Hrs.: 10 Unit II Attenuation in Optical Fibers: Introduction, Absorption, Scattering, Very Low Loss Materials, All Plastic Polymer-Clad-Silica Fibers.

Zacngol, High Voltage Engineering, Pergamon Press. .
Of Hrs.: 13 Text Book:.
Noise analysis of digital filters, power spectrum estimation.
Nasar: Electric Machines and Power Systems.Bead formation in horizontal, vertical and overhead positions.Of Hrs.: 12 Thermal Power Plant: Location and Site selection, general layout and working of plant, brief description of boilers, economizers, super heaters, draft equipments, fuel and ash handling plant.Allan, Plenum Press Reliability Evaluation of Power System.Of Hrs.: 12 Text Books:.