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In this third part of the series for Autodesk Maya we discuss a very interesting lighting situation: natural moonlight.
Chapter 6 - Underwater.
With each release of Maya, the integration of the mental ray plug-in is improved, allowing for more efficiency and quality, as well as ease of use.
Along the way, I'll show you how digital camera driver updates to improve the quality of images and use diagnostic tools to reduce render times.
For a preview of this ebook, simply click the pages of the book below.Before starting this course, you'll need to be comfortable with the basics of working in the Maya interface.We create eerie, or unfamiliar, uncommon lighting to support the feeling of being in a different world.3D Environment Lighting is a 70-page tutorial series where, over the course of the six chapters, we detail how to light an environment under a number of different conditions.

Pages : 70 block name'osssell' as'crosssell_products' Chapter 1 - Sunny Afternoon, in this first instalment we create a sunny afternoon lighting scenario il can bk tc user manual for a ship's cabin.
Then we'll dive into using mental ray render passes and render layers for efficient compositing.
Hi, I'm Eric Keller and welcome to Maya 2011 Lighting and Rendering in mental ray.
We'll see how to use a physical sun and sky tools and image based lighting and how they can add realism to Maya scenes.
We'll look at direct lighting and how it differs from indirect lighting.Although this kind of light is considered "artificial, we will learn later on that it has a very natural background (as long as we stay with a tungsten light, which we propose to do in this tutorial).Chapter 4 - Electrical, following on from our last tutorial on natural moonlight, we discuss a very "CGI-traditional style of illumination in this instalment: electrical lighting.Chapter 2 - Twilight, in this second chapter we use mental ray for Maya for this challenging interior illumination, so all you need for this is to get your CPU at operating temperature and the basic Maya scene of our ship's interior (download can.N/A, software, autodesk Maya, nvidia mental ray, published Year 2010.We'll take a look at how to create bounce light effects, such as color bleeding and ambient occlusion.Chapter 3 - Moonlight.In this final chapter our ship has sunk and the ship's body is below the waterline and filled with seawater.Flipbook will be here, add Your Tags: Use spaces to separate tags.Product details, author : m Ltd, original scene : Richard Tilbury, tutorial by : Florian Wild.