2011 mazda 3 manual transmission problems

216129 km trans leak burning smell, 40000 km Hard early morning shifting and vibration when down shifting from 4th to 3rd in manual mode.
175806 km US 300 Replaced driver side CV axle 272581 km US 273 CV boot was torn, replaced entire axle.
Mazda 3 os windows 7 portable 2012 interior.
129032 km US 50 The transmission fluid inlet from the radiator had coroded and a rust hole formed.
Clutch pedal assembly was initially suspected but it was the bearing.146961 km When the clutch pedal would be released after upshift or downshift, a tremble of two to three seconds could still be heard and felt.219355 km US 100 CIL signed Pulse Generator failure.100 for bearing, 120 for new shaft.(4.2L).3.Dealer on 2nd visit diagnosed problem as warped pressure plate, replaced with new plate and clutch.See all problems of the 2006 Mazda mazda3.Took it back, they are replacing the entire transmission.165000 km C 150 Leaking from seal 156452 km US 320 A cv boot developed a leak.200 for lift time.Read more how to check the transmission fluid condition.

Firm ride, road noise, low seating position, tight interior space, fuel economy for the.5L models.
Failure Date: 03/15/2009, after less than 40,000 miles the clutch in my 2004 Mazda 3 failed completely and required replacement.
201613 km US 125 Replace leaking right side cv joint 41000.0 km Replaced shifter cables, under warranty.(4.3L).4.Manual Transmission problem of the 2011 Mazda mazda3.Don't trust that dealer.Check the service records to make sure the vehicle was serviced in regular intervals.Return to top 226000 km The transmission has been skipping third gear when downshifting.The.0L direct-injected high-compression Skyactiv-G engine available from the 2012 model year is much more technologically advanced and fuel-efficient.The optional Bose 10-speaker audio system is one of the best you can find in a compact car.53000 km 60 rear stabilizer link (right) 59677 km Clutch slave cylinder sprung a link.