2003 ford focus zx3 manual transmission fluid

Said 457 days ago Bought a 2014 Ford Focus SE with 7500 miles.
This is absolutely insane!
It continued to shutter.When I took it in for that 3 different times, the dealership acted like they'd never heard of this before and did nothing to repair.Ford has issued a 'recall' but when I took it to my local dealer they said it's not 'bad enough' to do anything about.Looking at the Ford Warranty guide it says that only the 'clutch lining' are considered a wear item.Bought it brand new and the bucking and shuttering has been epson stylus s20 manual an issue from day one.Later, keyshia cole and tupac new song.zip that mid-afternoon, I received a phone call from your Service Consultant (Sean Marvelle).Ford says they will not repair the car (under warranty) unless there is a new battery.We were considering a trade in months ago but found the car was only worth 9500 according to Kelley Blue Book.The computer needed to be updated and it was.They kept it for a week and told me it was as good as new.

The car is not reliable what so ever and I cant trust it with anything!
I actually was looking at trading in earlier that day, and my trade value (I am sure due to the issues with the car)!
The only reason why I purchased my 2013 ford focus Hatchback was because this reason.Or try to wait and see if Ford will ever actually fix the problem.Shuddering and grating noise when its changing gears (low gears).I think now, that we should have built me a car instead of buying one.Then, I tried to put it in the shop, and was told they cannot service it until they get a part, essentially refusing to repair it while under warranty, and offering a rental car in meantime until they figure it out.