1997 yamaha waverunner service manual

Replace the air filter in accordance with the maintenance schedule or any time it is excessively dirty or damaged.
Relay Coil Power Input Line Inspection Check the power input line of the starter relay switch.
The engine wii points generator mac must be warm for accurate adjustment.
Remove the rear tray.This watercrafts engine uses a dry sump.Consult an authorized Yamaha dealer.Remove the bolts and the direct keygen auslogics boostspeed 4.0 0.52 rus ignition coils.Operate the throttle lever slowly, from fully ON to fully OFF, 3 times.

If there is no oil on the dipstick, do not start the engine.
YES GO TO step.
Secure the cover with the retainers Install the seats.
Check that the throttle opens and automatically closes in all steering positions.Warm up the engine for a few minutes according to the flushing procedure.Check the throttle lever for smooth operation.If the timing marks are facing inward, rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise 360 (one full turn) and align the "T" mark with the index mark.Engine idle speed Inspect and adjust the idle speed after all other engine maintenance items have been performed and are within specifications.Perform the Pre-ride inspection in the Owner's Manual at each scheduled maintenance period.If the oil appears on the dipstick, install the filler cap/dipstick and proceed to the Oil Level Check Procedure.